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mskalign   analysis and management system

mskalign is a medical AI platform that supports automatic spine malalignment management, follow-up, analysis and treatment planning. It Integrates customers'  spinal images from each clinical visit for analysis and carries out personalized visualization results with treatment templates for doctors' reference.

IMPORTANT: the mskalign applications are for research purposes facilitating large-scale clinical studies and no clinical decision shall be made based on the recommendations from the application. The users of AlignProCARE should be clinicians and researchers specializing in spine alignments. General users should not use the application for self-analysis or self-diagnosis.

PC software

Automatic spine alignments analysis & handy patient management

mskalign PC terminal manages and links with AlignProCARE (for doctors) and AlignPro (for patients) mobile apps continuously providing web-based support to facilitate doctors with AI-powered auto-alignments analysis through their computers or laptops. The web-based application can help doctors with fast and consistent coronal and sagittal alignments on radiographs, as well as predict spine deformity severity and type on single nude back images. The treatment planning function is now available upon reasonable request.

Mobile Application (for doctor)

Automatic spine alignments analysis & handy patient management

AlignProCARE provides accessible auto-alignments and patient tracking for clinicians and their assistants using simply a mobile phone. It provides easily accessible, fast and consistent auto-alignments on whole spine radiographs, as well as predicts spine deformity severity and type on single nude back images.

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Mobile Application (for general users)

Automatic spine alignments analysis & handy patient management

AlignPro provides general users with a handy tool to get in touch with their spine specialists. Receiving prompt and optimised disease advice and management planning recommendations is available when the user is linked with a certified specialist via mskalign AlignProCARE.



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Gold Medal at the Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days

Our open AI platform and non-radiation device invention, entitled "An Intelligent Orthopaedics Platform: AlignPro System and Device for Radiation-Free Spine Alignments" won the Gold Medal at the Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days.

HK innovation and technology committee congratulate CoNova’s great work and commitment in the quest for innovation and technology excellence

On April 6, 2022, the Secretary for innovation and technology of Hong Kong sent a congratulatory letter after the CoNova won the Gold Medal at the Special Edition 2022 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days

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