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Disease Analysis and Patient Follow-Ups

Automated comprehensive analysis of orthopaedic diseases with regular follow-ups, ensuring optimal disease management. Through the integration of cutting-edge techniques and personalized care, the objective is to revolutionize the way healthcare providers manage and treat various diseases, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.

Optimized Surgical Training

Leveraging state-of-the-art VR and AR technologies, as well as computer-assisted methods, we deliver an immersive learning experience for students within the educational realm. Our expertly crafted curriculum, combined with practical clinical exposure, engages experienced physicians to provide hands-on mentorship, guaranteeing all-encompassing surgical training for our students.

AI Medical System

Integrating advanced AI algorithms and distributed system technologies, with a strong emphasis on medical data privacy, we create a unified contemporary medical system that incorporates databases, parallel computing, data encryption, and artificial intelligence. This all-encompassing solution is professionally deployed and executed in real-world scenarios, ensuring a consistent professional approach.

3D Printing for Customized Medicine 

Adopting a professional stance, we transform cutting-edge technical methodologies into the creation of tailor-made medical solutions, achieved through detailed design and exacting engineering. Our unwavering dedication to exploring novel 3D modeling algorithms and 3D printing technologies serves to elevate product precision, guaranteeing superior functionality and therapeutic results.

Deep Learning and Med-Vision Algorithms

In-depth investigation of medical image characteristics, and employing this understanding to construct tailored AI models. Pursue enhanced accuracy and real-time analysis capabilities, while concurrently exploring explainable learning models and privacy-preserving federated learning approaches to advance the field.

Robotic Surgery and Navigation

Surpassing the limitations of current visual navigation technology, we introduce innovative navigation concepts and methodologies. By leveraging state-of-the-art surgical planning principles and technical approaches, we are dedicated to the research and development of robotic-assisted surgical systems and navigation platforms specifically designed for spine-related operations.


Computational Resources for Medical Research

Our laboratory boasts top-notch computational resources, specifically tailored to cater to both grant-funded and self-initiated projects. We are devoted to enhancing deep learning with cutting-edge hardware and software, including GPU acceleration and distributed training. As a key resource, we provide servers for clinical big data analysis across departments and house state-of-the-art imaging technologies, such as µCT and 7T MRI. Our data center features real-world clinical data with follow-ups, ensuring comprehensive and reliable research outcomes.


HKU GPU cluster: HPC2021 System

Powerful Medical AI Server with 4 Nvidia 3090 Ti GPUs

Powerful Backend AI Service Server for Real-Time Inference



4D Sensing and Visualization

Holographic sensing and display system to simulate accurate or mobile geometries of body parts and/or implants, as well as visualize the geometry of the implants and/or the complex pathological parts for the purpose like teaching, pre-operative planning, surgical training, preparation for 3D printing and prototyping, development of the complex matrix for bio-printing.


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Exceptional Clinical Research & Services and Cutting-Edge AI Tech

AIMed commits to investigate the cutting-edge AI techniques for clinical applications, optimized surgical planning, 3D printing of personalized implants and robotic surgery navigation. We launch standardized and secured clinical big data center for disease progression prediction, automated patient follow-ups and subjects recruitment for clinical research.

Medical Imaging and Vision

​In-depth investigation of the characteristics of medical images and develop brand-new architectures and algorithms capable of efficiently processing medical images.

Clinical Multi-Center Research

Adhere to clinical validation and multi-centre verification of models, and prioritize practical applications to enhance model performance and develop high-performance algorithms.

Efficient Medical System

Dedicate to the development of lightweight medical models, and creat efficient, accurate, and real-time analytical systems tailored to various orthopedic conditions.

3D Printing and Modelling

Develop innovative modelling techniques and 3D printing technologies, and construct more accurate and personalized models, enabling rapid and efficient digital model conversion.

Surgical Vision-Based Navigation

Break through the existing navigation system framework, and explore novel techniques for surgical navigation systems based on real-time analysis of multi-view and multi-modal data.

General Health Engineering

Integrate the process of disease diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up, and offer patients more streamlined, efficient, and all-around personalized medical services, catering to their healthcare needs and enhancing their quality of life.


Medical 3D Printing

Medical 3D printing is a rapidly advancing technology that focuses on creating three-dimensional objects from digital models for use in healthcare and medical applications. By employing various materials such as plastics, metals, ceramics, and even living cells, this technology enables the production of patient-specific medical devices, implants, prosthetics, and anatomical models. Our lab is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of this innovative field and exploring new possibilities through medical 3D printing technology.



World-Class Pre-Clinical Prototyping

Our lab specializes in world-class pre-clinical prototyping, a critical stage in the development and testing of cutting-edge medical devices, therapies, and pharmaceuticals. By maintaining the highest level of quality and precision, we ensure the safety, efficacy, and optimization of prototypes before they advance to clinical trials. This pivotal process minimizes risks and maximizes the potential for success in clinical testing, ultimately paving the way for market approval.


Implant Quality Control and Performance Testing

We delve into the realm of advanced medical robotics, encompassing motion and stress simulation robots, exoskeletons, and surgical robots. By enhancing the existing biomechanical simulation platform, we transform it into a versatile robotic system. This allows us to simulate high-fidelity biomechanical conditions within the laboratory environment and explore the potential of automated navigated robotic surgeries, propelling the field of medical robotics to new heights.